Dreaming of a beach wedding? Who can blame you! Soft sand in between your toes, a cooling ocean breeze, saying “I do” with the sound of waves as your audio backdrop: yes please! But there are a few other considerations too: that ocean breeze blowing your gorgeous wedding hair straight across your face, the dreaded sand flies, a certain lack of cover from sunshine (or, god forbid, looming rain clouds). However, don’t let this put you off! We’ve put together easy steps to follow to avoid any disappointments or pitfalls and dishes out all the handy tips, helping you gain that gorgeous picture perfect beach wedding, and without the stress.

Don’t forget your guests

After the whirlwind of planning your floral features, bridesmaid colours, those gorgeous shoeless sandals that add to your beachy-boho look, don’t forget how your loved ones are going to feel in the elements. Think about the time of year, will it be sunny and hot? In which case lots of iced water is required, some cute parasols for your guests’ comfort, or even go all out and have your wedding programs printed on to a fan. Perhaps a bit chilly? Opt for snuggly blankets for your guests to wrap up in. Another good idea is preparing a little basket of essentials including mozzie-repellent and sun-screen so everyone is happy and protected.



Prepare for the breezes

You’ve checked the forecast and its blue skies all day (yay!), but don’t base all your planning on sunshine or rain alone! Many beaches, although beautiful, can be blowy! When choosing your bridesmaid’s dresses (and your own), be aware short and flowy may cause a shock (a Marilyn Monroe dress flying moment comes to mind). And let your hairdresser know so they can ensure you’ve gone for a style that holds and saves you from constantly brushing out your face: we all love a natural wind-swept look but the real deal will make you look more like Bridget Jones after her jaunt in Cleaver’s open-top as opposed to elegant beach muse.


Brooke Miles Photography


Ditch the ballroom

Whilst it is your day and you can wear what-ever you want, the ball-room dress is really designed for, you guessed it, the ballroom. The long flowing veil tends to suit the long aisle of a church, the heels for a marble floor and the tux for, well, a temperature you won’t find in a tropical climate! For a beach wedding, dress accordingly and be comfortable! Ditch the heals and opt for adorable wedges or barefoot sandals, a lightweight dress and hair flowers as opposed to a full veil.



Time it just right

Consider the time of day for your wedding ceremony. Will the sun be blazing in to your eyes? What is the tide doing at that time of day? If you are in a popular spot it might be worth selecting a time that ensures the holiday makers and beach-seeking crowds are dispersed. Lighting is also so important, so chat to your photographer about what will work best (who doesn’t love a sunset portrait?)


Tropix Photography


Better to be prepared

Rain clouds are definitely not part of your envisioned day, but unfortunately Mother Nature doesn’t always consider us individually. Although all fingers and toes will be crossed for days prior, it is important to have a back-up plan not only in place, but one that you are happy with. Look for alternative wet-weather venues and check availability (your wedding planner they will ensure that this is all arranged and probably have a Plan B, C and D, ready to go), or consider into your budget the potential hiring of a marquee. Alternatively, umbrellas – lots and lots of umbrellas! And remember, don’t let it get you down! Not only is it good luck, it can actually make for some adorable photos, and will only add to the heaps of fun, beautiful memories of the day!




Don’t forget to contact your local council and do all the required paperwork to gain your permit for an outdoor wedding (yep even on a local beach!). There are also certain rules concerning candles or open flames, rubbish removal, and noise restrictions. Your wedding planner will have all of this arranged for you to save you the hassle and answer any questions that come to mind.


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