Now, we at Weddings of the Whitsundays are looking ahead with gusto. What is the trend around the corner? What new ideas are shaping the wedding industry in terms of style and scope? Simply because we are tucked away in the most beautiful location in Australia, away from the hubs of Sydney and Melbourne, does not mean we are not committed to staying on top of new trends.

This year we have looked to the pantheon of style and innovation – New York City –to get the scoop for what 2020 brings us. The Knot is an institution in New York, a collective group of key industry insiders who share their thoughts and ideas for what is happening all over the map. Their annual trend report is a focal piece of forecasting within the industry and we have picked out the key trends, we think, you can expect to see everywhere this year.

Thanks a bunch!

Florals will be taking centre stage this year as couples look at incorporating these into the wedding as a whole. You’ll be seeing edible garnishes for cocktails and meals, stunning décor created from large floral colour blocks, dried petals incorporated into invitations & confetti, hanging table arrangements and even spray-painted bouquets! 

Blocks of Colourful Flowers
Blocks of Colourful Flowers – The Knot Gala/Image: The Wedding Artists Co.

Green Vibes

Eco-friendly weddings have been on the scene for some time now but are becoming much more mainstream. The environment is now an honoured guest of the wedding – even more important than in the in laws!Couples are more aware of the impact their day can have and are looking at ways to lessen this, so, balloons are out! Streamers made from recycled T-Shirts are in! You’ll see potable, edible & charitable favours. Preloved gowns, recycled & compostable décor and a strong digital presence for invitations and photography on the day. A great (and Australian) supplier for all sort of natural confetti is Eco Confetti.


T-shirt Streamers
T-shirt Streamers – The Knot Gala/Image: The Wedding Artists Co.


Inclusive, Interactive & Customisable Menus & Drinks

From conveyor belts of delicious morsels & self-service bars to dessert stations & umbrellas (yes you did read that correctly!), couples are mixing it up on the day and creating a more inclusive atmosphere for their guests. This interactive way of serving up the goods can be unexpected and a fun activity for your guests. It also allows easy catering for any guests with dietary requirements or just the picky eaters!

Sorry, did someone say cocktail? Having your own Mixologist working to delight the crowd is a sure-fire winner. Here at Weddings of the Whitsundays, we are lucky to be able to work directly with the Rum Bar, who have been providing this luxury service for us for some time, what can we say – some trends we’re way ahead on!


Wedding Food StationDelicious donuts on wooden stander. Wedding in the forest. Wedding decor. Donuts for guestsInformal Food at Weddings ReceptionSelf Serve Bar
Self Serve Bar – The Knot Gala/Image: The Wedding Artists Co.

Bagel UmbrellaBagel Umbrella Station – The Knot Gala/Image: The Wedding Artists Co.

Statement Lighting & Showstopping Moments

The devil’s in the details and this years couples will be paying attention to these. Creating show stopping moments by taking basic items and reframing them in a creative manner – bar made of ice anyone? Or setting the wedding tone through clever and effective lighting – be it hanging lanterns, neon tubes, string lights, LED signs or chandeliers. With some couple choosing the addition of creative entertainment to the reception with magicians, sketch artists or tarot readers.

Ice Bar

Ice Bar – The Knot Gala/Image: The Wedding Artists Co.

Paradise Cove Lighting

Paradise Cove/Image: Tropix Photography

Dress to Impress

The classical all white gown gets an update with pops of colour & florals. Yes, white is moving fast aside for colours that express the bride! We have been seeing this for some time here in the Whitsundays, with many of our brides choosing to incorporate the tropical blues and greens of our beautiful location.

Other styles that are rocking back into trend are the puff sleeves and one shoulder dresses of the 80s – not to everyone’s taste even back then but we’ve seen some great interpretations.

By no means are the grooms being left behind – the traditional black tux has been on the wane for some time, but for those who still like a suit this year’s colour is blue, including navy, teal & cobalt. Again, in our little slice of paradise, gents have been relaxing their attire and letting the tropical vibe flow for some time now.

Groom with Blue Suit

Lastly, and a Weddings of the Whitsundays favourite, is ‘Matching Jackets’ – these are so much fun for the reception and a great statement piece for the happy couple.

Matching Wedding Jackets

Image: @daily_disco

One Day Bridal Jacket

Image: One Day Bridal