So you are newly engaged and now you are set with the task of having to plan your wedding. For some brides, this is a fairytale experience and some might even feel that becoming a wedding planner is in their career’s near future. Other brides feel so overwhelmed and fall into the category of “I don’t know what I am doing – please send help!” This is where the mystical Wedding Planner comes in to help us mere mortals comprehend what is going on!!! Here are some of our reasons for hiring a Wedding Planner, we are not speaking as a company wanting to suck you penniless, but we are speaking to you as a person who knows from experience!

There are many differences between working with us at The Wedding Planners Whitsundays and working with a venue directly. In fact we actually cover so much of your big day that it is actually incredibly hard for us to squeeze it into a blog post, but we will try!

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1. We Will Manage All Aspects of Your Day

The venue will only assist with in-house details such as the venue, food and beverages. They may offer suggestions for suppliers but, generally, they will not book or manage outside suppliers on your behalf. The Wedding Planners will book and/or manage all of your chosen suppliers involved in your wedding day or even for your wedding week/end (think post-wedding day breakfast, pre-wedding icebreaker, accommodation, etc). This also includes handling all payments to all of your vendors on your behalf.

2. We Keep You in the Loop

The venue doesn’t have ongoing communication with you as well as all of your suppliers and while they know a lot about your day, we like to think we plan to know everything about your day. We are your main point of contact, not only for you but for your suppliers as well. This creates a more cohesive, streamlined and stress-free planning process and wedding day.

3. We manage your timing schedule

The Wedding Planners manage your timing schedule for the day from start to finish. This in itself is helpful, but it can also be a big stress relief; let’s say you want to change your ceremony time… You would need to communicate this to your hair stylist, makeup artist, celebrant, photographer, videographer, transport, decorator, venue and possibly more. Not only this but then adjusting your entire day’s timing schedule to accommodate. This can be easy but it also can be difficult… the celebrant may not be available at the new time and wants to change the time slightly again, but by doing so the photographer is saying you’ll miss out on sunset photos. The venue may offer a suggested timing schedule as will your photographer though as we have worked in weddings and with local suppliers so often and for so long we know their preferences and can combine all of this knowledge into a well-planned timing schedule that flows from one thing to the next.



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4. We know our stuff!

The Wedding Planners have been operating for 3.5 years and before this, we were planning weddings at a local company before the company split and sold the planning side to us. So we have over 7 years of local experience! Local venues may have been operating longer, though the staff and/or venue management may not have been. Even if the venue’s staff are longtime locals, worked in hospitality/tourism/weddings, it’s very uncommon for anyone to have worked in wedding planning in the Whitsundays as long as we have. 

5. We help non-local suppliers

Thinking of having non-local suppliers? We are asked questions all the time, especially from non-local photographers, about the region. We do everything we can to help, we even have a photo location guide which was actually created to send to a non-local photographer asking for help. Our range of local knowledge as well as dedicated to assisting with your day as much as possible ensures we provide a high level of service to you and to your suppliers (local or non-local). 


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6. We Have a Reliable Network of Wedding Industry Suppliers

Your photographer gets sick, the celebrant breaks her leg, the car breaks down. Generally, the venue and the Whitsunday wedding community, in general, will do all they can to help, but again no one knows your day better than your planner. Your planner has a bigger network of suppliers and suppliers of suppliers and friends of friends suppliers – basically, we will help you in any situation with our extensive network within the wedding industry!

7. We Are With You During the Entire Process of Your Big Day

We are there with you on the day from before your ceremony (usually we deliver flowers so we can say hello) until after your reception formalities. Generally speaking, the venue will not have a dedicated person with you throughout the whole day. Feel like having a chat? Need to bounce some ideas around to an un-bias party? We will talk with you and your partner about anything and everything and offer advice based on what we know about your day, you as a couple and draw from our previous experience and what may work best. But most of all we are there so you can enjoy your day entirely stress-free!!!

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