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Styling, Decor & Design

One of the most anticipated yet intricate steps of planning a wedding is in the style, décor and design. Wedding décor is the tangible and visual element expressing your unique style which will be captured in life long memories as well as the photos you’ll look back on. Working alongside your wedding planner on this delicate and detailed undertaking will ensure your style, love story and uniqueness is shown through all elements of your day.



Local Stylists

Local styling suppliers have impressive collections of wedding decorations that have been designed to truly reflect and complement the idyllic setting of your Whitsunday wedding. Their products are of the highest quality and the team are true innovators with unique and modern offerings. Whatever your dream wedding may be, The Wedding Planners Whitsundays will create a scene to make the most of the stunning Whitsunday setting, ensuring a lasting impression to captivate and amaze.



Extensive Experience

The Wedding Planners Whitsundays have extensive experience in wedding décor and set up plus intimate knowledge of all our wedding venues; knowing exactly what works and what may not. Simple decoration is a standard inclusion in most of our ceremony and reception wedding packages. After discussing your vision and inspiration for your day with your wedding planner we will be able to offer a wide range of decoration options perfectly suited to your style.



Setting the Scene

Fairy lights twinkling overhead, warm candlelight dancing on the tables, the fragrant smell of fresh flowers and sweet little bonbonnieres perfectly placed at each setting. From lighting and ambiance to colour and floral plus style and theme, your wedding décor and design is one of the most important and intricate part of the planning process. Working with The Wedding Planners Whitsundays on the decoration and styling for your ceremony and reception will allow your planner to gain a full understanding of your day and help you carry your theme through all of the other elements of your wedding day.


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